We arrived in Katrhmandu on saturday morning Oct 9th after travelling for 24 hours from Toronto. What a culture shock Kathmandu is. The people are great, everyone is pleasant and greet you with ''Namaste" as you pass. In the area we are staying, Thamel, there are narrow streets, cars, motorbikes, rickshaws, people, everywhere. Car horns blowing all the time.
Today is monday morning and we are supposed to be flying to Lukla today to start our trrek but the weather isn't co-operating yet. The last two days have seen all flights to Lukla cancellede. This morning we hear it's raining up there and cloudy so today does not look good eiother. Lukla is at 9,000'altitude, Kathmandu is about 6,000'.
I will hopefully be able to post some more as we start our trek but internet access is limited.
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